旋转 IMG_0781Terraria1

Lpng time ago,there is a world, It’s called ‘terraria’. In the world, there’s a person called ‘Steve’.

‘where is here? where is here?’ Jason is suprise. He walked away away…

‘Oh, there’s a person. Steve walked to that person.

‘Who are you?’ Steve asked.

‘I’m guide .I can help you to survive in this world.’ the person says.

‘Oh, can you tell me?”

“First,you will cut down the tree and make a house.Then, you will make a house……’

Do you want tu\o know what happen with steve next? Please waited’Terraria2!


旋转 IMG_0788Along time ago.It’s a beautiful  diamond snake.Lt from sky.lt’s very big and smooth.It’s sleep at a hole.people said it can help people to do anything.But,it like diamond,if you haven’t  get diamond ,it were eat you!

one day its a boy.It’s name Anthony.He with his friend,they want find diamond snake.Beasuce it’s poor.They go many day ,they haven’t got any food.Anthony’s friend Jason were too hungry,He were sleep,and can’t get up……

Anthony find snake’s hole!He were so happy,but he haven’t got diamond!He were too sad.He cry on the wool…Oh,It’s amazing!He’s tear were be many diamond!He were happy.He take diamond to diamond snake.Dinmond snake touched.It’s help Anthony to help his home.Anthony were smile.