旋转 IMG_0786There was a person who lived under the sea.

He had long and sharp teeth. He ate fish, shrimps and crabs. But… He can’t ate sharks and whales!!

One day,he woke up, and then he look up——Just a home——The shell…

There was many fish around the shell. There is a very strong LIGHT!.  Everything disappears..?

(Not all, coming soon)


旋转 IMG_0778There  is  a  fishwomen. She  is  half  fish  half  women. She  is  the  most  beautiful  women  in  the  ocean.lf  the  man  jump  to  the  sea,but  he  can’t  swim.  So  he  is  dead.The  fishwomen  is  help  him,than  he  it’s  not  dead.But  after  3  days,the  fianwomen  is  hungry.So  she  kill  him.Then  she  is  full.


旋转 IMG_0785long a ago, Jason eat zombies meat, so he must find the made of gold apple .He is going to the special street !Is he find a gold apple and treasures? Is he meet unicorn? coming soon–《Marvelous story of Jason》